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Well hello, I dedicated this webpage to....myself.... Brian Postma that is. This page is created in honour of the Commodore Amiga computers with which I had so much fun in the period 1986-1994. You can find some of the programs I created during that period on this page and also some newer PC stuff. Furthermore, if you are a really sick person, you can read some info about me, but that's nothing for the weak of heart.

Anyway, all of this is written in English, even though I'm Dutch, I don't feel like writing a double language homepage and I think English reaches some more people than Dutch does.

Please leave some feedback at my Guestbook. Oldskool fanatics are more than welcome.

All the stuff you download here is supplied as is. No warranties are given, and support is also scarcely available. If your computer explodes from using any of these programs, sorry, but it's not my fault. Only if, by using any of the programs, the universe should cease to exist, you may hold me responsible. If anything else happens....
bad luck....
Ok, should you feel obliged to leave any comments, you can always e-mail me at: