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Okay, you asked for it, now you'll have it.


I was born on the 19th july 1969 (in Oldenzaal, the Netherlands), just in time to see the first man set foot on the moon.
In 1981 I got my first contact with computers, this one being an Apple II computer that belonged to the brother of my father (which we usually call an 'Uncle' ;-). At that time the only thing I did was play games on it, until in the year 1982 I got my chance to learn Basic on the Philips P2000. Learning basic took me some 4 hours and then I needed some 3 months to figure out that I'd never be capable of programming any good games in Basic so I decided to learn assembler. By that time I'd managed to get an Apple II at my home, so after learning the Z80 assembler (for the P2000) I also tried the 6502 (for the Apple II). Meanwhile I also did some programming on the Commodore PET machine.
In 1983 I bought the first computer that really was mine: the Commodore VIC-20. I created a lot of games on this one, most of them partly coded in basic and partly in Assembler. One of those games was a 'Zaxxon' conversion that fitted neatly into the 6.5Kb of the Vic-20 (3.5kb with a 3Kb expansion card), the game had 122 bytes left.
In 1985 I did some holiday work at the company my father worked for and I got a chance to freak out on the Apple Lisa and Apple Macintosh. At that time I also got a chance to work with the IBM-PC, the first ones with the 4.77 Mhz 8088 CPU. My first opinion was that it could not hold a candle to the Apple computers of that time (and that opinion hasn't changed). In that year I also replaced my VIC-20 with a Commodore C64.
On the 64 I started coding demos/intros, and a few games as well. At that time computer parties were starting to come around and the first computer 'scene' evolved.
In 1986 I bought my first
Amiga, the Amiga 500, and learned the MC68000 assembler language. To program the Amiga efficiently I also had to learn programming the Agnus chip (Blitter) and the Denise Chip (Copper) of the Amiga. In 1988 The first version of Soundmon was written, this one only used samples. Soundmon was the program used by "Sebastiaan Lentfert", "Allister Brimble" and a few others to create music and soundfx for computer games. A few of these games were:

  • Treasure island dizzy (by codemasters)
  • Fantasy island dizzy (also codemasters)
  • Alien breed (Team 17)
  • Exodus 3010
  • Etc etc...
Sound synthesis was added to Soundmon in 1989. In 1988 our amiga demogroup 'The TimeCircle' was formed consisting of 5 members but after 1 year we decided that the others weren't useful at all, so we carried on with only 2 guys:
  • Zzzax (also known as Sebastiaan Lentfert)
  • Exodus (that's me)

We did a lot of intros/demos/music-packs for a lot of different groups/guys/magazines, for example:
  • UGA (Magazine)
  • 17 bit software (evolved to Team 17 software, who created TOCA racing 1 & 2 and others).
  • Taipan (Amiga hacking/cracking group)
  • As well as some game companies, and others.....

In 1990 I bought my first PC on which I did some coding as well, in assembler and C, but never too much since the PC hardware sucked (and still sucks) big time. In the meantime I was studying micro electronics and computer technology at the University of Twente.

The present

Currently (since 1995) I'm working as an embedded software designer for several companies, creating C/C++ code on several operating systems and computer platforms:
  • Unix (rulez!!)
  • Windows (sucks, it's beyond my understanding how it became so popular)
  • Several embedded OS'ses like VxWorks etc..

Sadly enough my demo/game programming days are over, but maybe someday .... I'll be back ....



  • Starcraft
  • Warcraft

I also collect Arcade Games and classic game consoles




  • Assembler (MC68000/Z80/6502/x86)
  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • Basic
  • Pascal
  • Modula 2
  • Some scripting languages (perl/awk/bourne shell etc.)
  • Java
  • And many more....

Ok, should you feel obliged to leave any comments, you can always e-mail me at: