Source Code: The BSPlay for linux/Solaris2.6 source code (Updated: 8 Sep 2000).

This one also runs/compiles on an Ultrasparc with Solaris 2.6 (maybe on other solaris versions as well, no chance to test this yet....)

Download modules from the Modules page

Not much here yet.... But still a chance to download the first Soundmon player for linux
This player is based on the OSS driver supplied with any recent linux distribution set.

Note (5 Jan 2000): Apparently there was a problem with reading from the terminal with the previous source code (it didn't happen on Gnome, but with KDE it did). The player would get stuck and stop playing at step #0. Hopefully the current version solves this (it works with RedHat 6.1 on KDE and Gnome). Should you still have problems, replace the main.cpp in the tar with this main.cpp and re-compile.
Sorry folks