BSPLAY for the dreamcast. This is a diskjuggler image (version 3 or higher) of an autoboot disk which also includes 132 modules (might even be of interest to non-dreamcast users, you can read the modules from the CD after you've created the disk).

Get it here. This file is +/- 3Mb in size (RAR'ed).
Alternatively you can get a zipped file (about 1Mb larger) here

Here you can get my Dreamcast creations. All files are supplied as is and are free for use without modifications. Any commercial use is prohibited.


(Thanks to www.dcemu.co.uk for helping me out, hosting some of the stuff).

NOTE: I use Kallistios for Dreamcast development in combination with cygwin and a SH-4 GNU cross compiler. Development is done on a PC which is connected to the dreamcast using the so-called coder's cable (which is actually just a serial cross link cable)