Here are some pictures of a mod I did. The conversion of a standard (cheap) mayflash stick to all sanwa parts (Sanwa JLF-TP-8 stick with OBSF-30 buttons).

This is what we started with, the Mayflash fighting stick
Out come the old parts. The original stick was not bad, but not great either. The buttons were a real mess though. The button PCB had to come out too. I kept the USB connection part of the PCB and the 4 smaller top buttons.
Replaced the buttons. The holes had to be enlarged a bit for the buttons to fit. New wiring for the buttons and the stick.
I had to drill a couple of holes through the case for the screws. The screws are standard m3x20mm screws with bolts. They will neatly attach the stick to the case.
Added the cover plate to the stick which hides the screws from view, and connect the ball top.
Time for some MAME action. All in all this was a really easy conversion, almost no drilling and just a little bit of soldering.