My Cabinet
The cabinet is a generic Jamma compatible cabinet with a monitor that can be turned very easily, so it can play both horizontally and vertically oriented games
I have a PC with a Jamma compatible interface that runs Advance Mame
The Mame PC uses hardware from Ultimarc to be Jamma compatible (the MVS board is also visible in the picture)
I own a 1 slot Neo Geo MVS board, with a Jamma interface
One of my Neo Geo MVS carts.
Screenshots of Alpha Mission 2, one of my Neo Geo MVS games, from 1991
Another Neo geo MVS game, Magician Lord from 1990.
One of the best arcade games of the 2nd millenium. Neo Geo's Metal Slug (from 1996)
Riding Hero, NEO GEO MVS game from 1990
Another great Neo Geo MVS shooter, Sonic Wings 3 from 1995.

With some scans of the original flyers
Superspy, also a Neo Geo MVS game, from 1990
This is Phoenix, one of my none NEO GEO games. It comes as a double layered PCB and is from 1980. I used to play this game a lot when I was a kid. The game is not Jamma but uses an adapter cable to make it Jamma compatible.
Another double layered PCB game, and another game I used to play a lot, Time Pilot. This one also uses a Jamma adapter cable.

For those interested, here are some pictures of a Mayflash Stick to Sanwa conversion I did.

If you want to donate some arcade PCBs or MVS cartridges to me, please feel welcome ;-)

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